BCN Bloggers Meet Up

He tenido la suerte de participar en el  BCN Bloggers Meet Up junto con otros bloggers. Comenzamos la jornada con la Start Mesa Redonda con algunos de los bloggers mas influyentes como invitados. Tras este interesante coloquio degustamos el delicioso brunch servido por el MELIA SKY, momento perfecto para el reencuentro con algunos compañeros bloggers. Continuamos

Xti Magazine

I have been given the opportunity to cooperate with some other bloggers on the new Xti Magazine Issue

Wilkinson Hydro 5

I have been trying the new Wilkinson Hydro 5 razor to trim my beard, it includes an accurate liner, the Flip Trimmer, that was astoundly easy to drive along my beard to outline it. Move it backwards to use the shaving gel for hardest areas. Another pro is the ultra sliding 5-blade razor, with Skin

From The Tormes With…

I have chosen one of my favourites combinations for today’s post: shirt over shirt. It’s a classical outfit


LA BOÎTE À PHOTOS from Printklub just left me flabbergasted, it is superb, print-out 40 pics out of

Early Spring

Springtime has just begun, check out my new mid-season look which is just perfect for these sunny and cold days. Basic, loose garment to feel more comfortable. Key point is to add your personal touch, that detail that makes same clothes look different from one person to another, that’s personality. Comienza la primavera, hoy os

Father’s Day

Today I’m giving you some gift recommendations for March 19th, Father’s Day Festivity in Spain. It’s about some

Henten Pouch

HENTEN is a Barcelona based company dedicated to produce The Genuine Leather Bag.  All items are handcrafted by the

Modern Essentials Beckham

H&M have just launched their collection Modern Essentials 2015

Halfway up the Hindu Kush

“Halfway Up the Hinhu Kush” is on Spotify while I’m writing these lines. It’s not nice weather around

We Love Colors

Sometimes we need to add a touch of color to our lives. Check out my new leggins (or


Even though it’s been snowing around here some are already preparing their spring looks. Check out what I

Pine Forest

Fyord is an exclusive brand for sportsmanship men who appreciate quality and design. This is the statement you

So Cold

There is nothing like a fine coat, this one by H&M has become my favorite one for these cold days in my hometown, Segovia. I nearly die if freezing on my first pic, in my Benelo T-Shirt, but having the chance of  showing you the whole drawing on the printing worth the effort. No hay nada


I always liked misty days, pictures get a special light. Today photos were taken at Parque de los

Style YearBook 2014

Once again I have prepared my Style Yearbook, comprising all the year outfits from the blog with pictures

New Year’s Eve 2015

Esta es mi propuesta para una nochevieja en casa o con amigos en plan divertido, este chandal esmoquin de Traxedo, que sin duda es diferente y especial. Os deseo una feliz noche a todos y un buen comienzo de año.

Sport h&m

As you already know, I love riding my bike, though in the winter I use it much less.


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