Silver Ranch

To fully understand what today’s post is about you should be some 33 years old. therefore you would have the chance to play Playmobil’s clicks Ranch. Since I was a little boy I always wanted to own th Silver Ranch pack to play with. I spotted this landscape which is the closest I have ever

Los futbolistas más estilosos de Europa

Llegada la época de Mundiales o torneos internacionales de cualquier tipo, no es una discusión pocas veces recurrida

Rollitos de pescado y kiwi Zespri SunGold al vapor

Con las altas temperaturas apetece comer cosas sanas, refrescantes y fáciles de hacer, la receta que os propongo

Piscinismo a todo color

A few years ago, when I was at Art School, one of the best Design teachers I ever had told me “Jeffrey, you are colour”. People who know me know why he told me so, i always put colour in my life. Get rid of your gray scale and add some cour to your life.

En tierra de pinares

Moon is surrounded with mystery and symbology. Last 31st July we could enjoy what is called “Blue Moon”,

Infinity Press

I love my brand new Infiny Press, the Moulinex blender. I had had a traditional blender in the past but this new system brings great advances. Cool pressing does not generate any heat, keeping the nutrition benefits of the products a 30% higher for the vitamins and 70% for the antioxidants. Final texture of the juice is

Love The Sign

Lamps world is fascinating,either wall lamps or night table. LOVEThESIGN is one of my favourite deco stores, they

Among the holm oaks

Summer afternoons are charming, especially in that hour when the sun goes down and the moon shows up,

Special Event

ASOS proposed me to create a total look for an especial occassion: weddings, ceremonies, graduations…I could have chosen

Sailor’s Man

I like to give my outfits a sailor touch, ZippDesign people helped me a lot with their new

Ensalada de patata y kiwi Zespri SunGold

Hoy os traigo una receta deliciosa y saludable para sobrellevar mejor las temperaturas del verano. Como ya sabéis soy fan


I was in the winter of my life and the men I met along the road were my only summer… I must admit I’m fascinated by Lana del Rey’s song and clip “Ride”. They mean something special to me, and everytime I wave a fedora it reminds me of Lana’s piece with the flag, a bit

I’ll wait here in the dark

What can I say about this outfit, The squared Cotton pants from Asos has become one of my favorites. I guess you have already seen it before in former posts. It’s a basic garent that mixed with the right accessories suchs a pair of fancy glasses or a waist purse may change the look. I’ll

Fucking Orange

One of the things I like best of taking pictures in the summer afternoon is the wide orange

Acqua for Life

Según Cruz Verde en los países desarrollados utilizamos una media de 100 litros diarios, nunca me había parado a pensar la barbaridad de litros que consumimos y lo difícil que es para muchas comunidades abastecerse de agua, teniendo que caminar varios kilómetros para conseguir agua que ni tan siquiera es potable. El reto Acqua for Life consiste


Eco & Roco are a young tee design company brought to life thanks to the passion for t-shirts

Zespri SunGold Pure Vitamin C

Zespri SunGold is full of nutrition benefits, vitamin C the best known, with 161,3 mg per 100g, three times what an orange may have and twice the daily reccomended quantity. So having just one Zespri SunGold we cover the amount of the required Vitamin C amount for one day. Add to this that it also

Fake Beach

There is no sea shore near here but you may find some places with similar tones and colours as on the beach, every place has its charm. Shouldn’t you know I have taken this pics in the heart of Castile (some 500 kms away from the nearest coast) you could well picture me on a beach…well, lats picture


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