Acqua for Life

Según Cruz Verde en los países desarrollados utilizamos una media de 100 litros diarios, nunca me había parado a pensar la barbaridad de litros que consumimos y lo difícil que es para muchas comunidades abastecerse de agua, teniendo que caminar varios kilómetros para conseguir agua que ni tan siquiera es potable. El reto Acqua for Life consiste


Eco & Roco es una marca joven de camisetas que nace de la pasión que sus creadores han tenido

Zespri SunGold Pure Vitamin C

Zespri SunGold is full of nutrition benefits, vitamin C the best known, with 161,3 mg per 100g, three times what an orange may have and twice the daily reccomended quantity. So having just one Zespri SunGold we cover the amount of the required Vitamin C amount for one day. Add to this that it also

Fake Beach

There is no sea shore near here but you may find some places with similar tones and colours as on the beach, every place has its charm. Shouldn’t you know I have taken this pics in the heart of Castile (some 500 kms away from the nearest coast) you could well picture me on a beach…well, lats picture

Country House

I’m ready for a country summer in the heart of Castile. That does not mean I have to

Original Cufflinks

I have found an interesting online store offering original cufflinks, Gemelosmania, with hundreds of designs, nealy anything you may imagine can be shaped as a cufflink. I’ve chosen these three models that match my personality and way of live. I encourage you to wear them on casual looksor even as a daily accessory, as I

On The Pier

This is Tormes’ riverside pier, I have already posted some photos taken here, and is one of my favourites spots to get lost in Salamanca. There is a magic light there, a special colour, different from any other place in the city. Outfits are turning more summery, temperature is rising and it’s hard time we


I bet you have had this problem many times: you shirt neck goes up and makes you look

Zespri SunGold Is Here!!

Zespri SunGold, the golden jewel by Zespri, is back to us straight from New Zealand. Dark yellow pulp with an intense sweet, juicy taste, this variety has become a worldwide iconic piece. One the things I like best of Zespri SunGold is that you may have one any time, anywhere, no need it to peel it.

Pastel Colors

I have seen many stores, both online and street stores, stuck with pastel colour gargment, so Iwent for


Summer is here and we all like to take care of ourselves, even though it is a hard task to carry on due to lack of time or laziness. FortePharma Labs wanted to gave us a push on this and have renewed their star product Turboslim CronoActive Forte Men with a new formula to make

Polo Black & Blue

It is hard time we start wearing shorter pants, warm weather is here to stay, though it is


Grimbergen is one of my favourite beers, to be frank, once tried you can’t help picking it over

The Bluebeards Revenge

I’ve recently tried The Bluebeards Revenge products. Moisturizing fresh lotion has been created to be used as a body lotion. Hydrating instant action, both smooth and silky, adding a refreshing sensation. With the Matte Shaping Cream (medium fixation and medium shine) you can avoid that compacted look in your hair. Matte Clay will give you a


Denim overalls are one of my favourite pants, I combined them with my FYORD collection gargment, they have selected


Sometimes it is difficult to have home a wide range of spirits to offer, MINIBOXBAR got the solution. It’s like having a hotel minibar service home. It offers 24 different drinks. I like both the concept and the fine design. Moreover you may choose your own drink selection. I went for the Global Box, containig

BCN MEET UP Shooting

Today’s post is second part of past week’s describing our experience at “BCN Bloggers Meet Up”. I was

BCN Bloggers Meet Up

I am proud to say I had the chance to participate on last BCN Bloggers Meet Up along with some other bloggers. We begun the meeting with the Start workshop, with some of the most influential bloggers invited. After a pretty interesting chat we had a tasty brunch served by Melia Sky, perfect moment to


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