Plaza del Oeste

Today’s outfit has been completely selected from H&M new collection to spend an easy afternoon on Salamanca’s West

New Season

I know it is rather early in some parts of Spain to start wearing a coat or a

Feel the river

I recently discover Mainline Menswear, a new multi brand online store  that got me hooked, I recommend a visit


I can’t be more happy with my new AECRAFT wallet, what I look for in a wallet is to be small and fit just the essential, identity card, driving license, credit card and some bills. I’ve had other small purses but this I can assure you that no one is as practical as this, does

Liberty x h&m

Today’s look with shirt and silk scarf from the capsule collection by Liberty London for h & m.

Live Dreams

I had this combination pending, shawl with fedora, since I first saw it in a Japanese street. Goes

Mountain Rivers

I spent a lovely afternoon in the Mountains of Segovia, in Valsaín to be more precise, a few days ago. A perfect spot to forget about the world and regain energies for the new season. Yes, summer is nearly over. Don’t blame for wearing te daisies. Hace unos días pasé una tarde en la sierra


I’m spending a few days in the country, in my hometown, a little village close to Segovia, and

Japan // Kyoto 京都市

After a few days in Tokyo we took bullet train destination Kyoto 京都市. This part of the country feels more relaxed, bicycles merge with city traffic and we are surrounded by a greener environment. We focused our visit on some popular temples that would take us a few days and in the meanwhile we discovered some

JAPAN // Tokyo Disney SEA

One of the destinations that we were more willing to visit was Disney Tokyo. The first thing was

Japan // Tokyo Tower

One of the essential things when I visit a city is to look at it from the sky, this time we decided to enjoy Tokyo from Tokyo Tower (1957). Its design is based on that of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In Tokyo there are other interesting viewpoints Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo City Hall.

Japan // Men’s Street Style

Street Style on the streets of Tokyo during #2BATWjapan with Aminta Online, our vision of what we saw

Japan // Fushimi Inari-Taisha

Temple Fushimi Inari-Taisha 伏见稲荷大社 is in Kyoto, I must confess that for me, this shrine is the most magical, the torii corridors, which are those red columns that you can see in all the photos. I was surrounded by them all the way climbing up the hill from the main sanctuary, the light projected between

Japan // Tokyo 東京都

Although I have posted about Osaka and Kyoto before, the first city we visited on the trip was Tokyo. Nothing like the Shinjuku area at night to make contact with the city, is one of the most important shopping areas filled with shops and malls, we passed through it lots of times during the trip.

VIDEO • Japan “Kyoto”

We spent almost half of our time in Japan in the beautiful city of Kyoto. As soon as we arrived, we could feel the differences between Tokyo and this city, much quieter, greener, bikes everywhere, and especially that the city is full of temples. We visit the most important ones and took the opportunity to

El amor está en aire

Cuantas veces estás en casa aburrido con la monotonía diaria y, de repente, un aroma inesperado cargado de

Japan // Osaka 大阪市

We’ve returned from Japan # 2BATWjapan It has been an incredible experience together with Aminta Online, on her

Palacio de Cristal

El Palacio de Cristal (The cristal Palace) in Madrid in one of my favourites spots in the city, though it’s boiling hot in the summer time, it is worthy to pay a visit, I would recommend a walk al least once per season. Playful light that comes to the interior is projected differently depending on


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