Llega el verano y a todos nos gusta cuidarnos un poquito, aunque a veces esta tarea sea en vano, por tiempo, desgana u otros menesteres. Los laboratorios FortePharma quieren ayudarnos y han renovado con una formula mas fuerte y eficaz contra la perdida de peso su producto estrella para nosotros, el Turboslim CronoActive Forte Men. Yo

Polo Black & Blue

It is hard time we start wearing shorter pants, warm weather is here to stay, though it is


Grimbergen is one of my favourite beers, to be frank, once tried you can’t help picking it over

The Bluebeards Revenge

I’ve recently tried The Bluebeards Revenge products. Moisturizing fresh lotion has been created to be used as a body lotion. Hydrating instant action, both smooth and silky, adding a refreshing sensation. With the Matte Shaping Cream (medium fixation and medium shine) you can avoid that compacted look in your hair. Matte Clay will give you a


Denim overalls are one of my favourite pants, I combined them with my FYORD collection gargment, they have selected


Sometimes it is difficult to have home a wide range of spirits to offer, MINIBOXBAR got the solution. It’s like having a hotel minibar service home. It offers 24 different drinks. I like both the concept and the fine design. Moreover you may choose your own drink selection. I went for the Global Box, containig

BCN MEET UP Shooting

Today’s post is second part of past week’s describing our experience at “BCN Bloggers Meet Up”. I was

BCN Bloggers Meet Up

I am proud to say I had the chance to participate on last BCN Bloggers Meet Up along with some other bloggers. We begun the meeting with the Start workshop, with some of the most influential bloggers invited. After a pretty interesting chat we had a tasty brunch served by Melia Sky, perfect moment to

Xti Magazine

I have been given the opportunity to cooperate with some other bloggers on the new Xti Magazine Issue

Wilkinson Hydro 5

I have been trying the new Wilkinson Hydro 5 razor to trim my beard, it includes an accurate liner, the Flip Trimmer, that was astoundly easy to drive along my beard to outline it. Move it backwards to use the shaving gel for hardest areas. Another pro is the ultra sliding 5-blade razor, with Skin

From The Tormes With…

I have chosen one of my favourites combinations for today’s post: shirt over shirt. It’s a classical outfit


LA BOÎTE À PHOTOS from Printklub just left me flabbergasted, it is superb, print-out 40 pics out of

Early Spring

Springtime has just begun, check out my new mid-season look which is just perfect for these sunny and cold days. Basic, loose garment to feel more comfortable. Key point is to add your personal touch, that detail that makes same clothes look different from one person to another, that’s personality. Comienza la primavera, hoy os

Father’s Day

Today I’m giving you some gift recommendations for March 19th, Father’s Day Festivity in Spain. It’s about some

Henten Pouch

HENTEN is a Barcelona based company dedicated to produce The Genuine Leather Bag.  All items are handcrafted by the

Modern Essentials Beckham

H&M have just launched their collection Modern Essentials 2015

Halfway up the Hindu Kush

“Halfway Up the Hinhu Kush” is on Spotify while I’m writing these lines. It’s not nice weather around

We Love Colors

Sometimes we need to add a touch of color to our lives. Check out my new leggins (or


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