New York Diet Cheesecake

Intentando aligerar el NY Cheesecake tradicional se me ocurrió que la base de galleta, llena de calorías y grasas se podía sustituir por un bizcocho ligero sin perder la esencia de la tarta. El resultado mucho mas ligero y suave, cada ración tiene 124 calorías, que no está nada mal contando que la original tiene…


A few days ago I commented in Instagram that I had gotten my perfume «Déclaration d’un Soir by Cartier» super cheap € 50 100ml pot. Well, I found this bargain on a multi brand beauty portal that I did not know, called Quieru, where your can find everything for your beauty ritual, perfumes, creams … from all brands¡. The…


Calm down I’m not going to wear leather and crown, notwithstanding that  Dolce and Gabbana A / W 14 insists. This infernal cold, and the recent  Game of Thrones marathon has inspired me for the title. The look is super cozy, and it is another way to wear sport clothes out of context.

Fake Givenchy Nights

Parody shirts are highly topical, we can find them about the best known firms, mine is Givenchy «Giraunchy», others are of the most parodied Hermés «homies» Comme Des Garcons «Comme Des Fuckdown» Céline «Feline» or Kenzo «Benzo» and we can see them every day in countless street styles worldwide.

Luna for Men

I’ve been using Luna for Men for two weeks now, the first pre-shave and facial care device for men with T -Sonic ™ technology, and I can only say good things by now. I will describe my experience: First the small modern design is perfect , made of a super nice touch silicone, battery-operated for 450 uses¡¡ I think…